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ADA Compliance for Massage Therapy Educators

ADA Compliance for Massage Therapy Educators is a 3-credit course that acquaints the massage therapy teacher with ADA requirements and gives brief explanations of some effective strategies and helpful hints for classroom use. If you are a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Florida, Haylo Education Solutions, will report your completion of this lesson to CE Broker (Course # 20-617490) soon after your completion (usually within 48 hours if completion takes place during the standard work week M-F ).
FL Provider # 50-12073. Course # 20-617490


┬áThis course’s topics cover the Americans with Disabilities Act and its effect on the technical classroom environment. It includes ideas and techniques for helping the student with disabilities negotiate the technical aspects of classes with adaptations that are likely to assist learning.

The purpose of the activities and self-quizzes is to prepare you to pass the final exam at the end of the lesson. You may work through the lesson at your own pace, and you may go through the lesson as many times as you like.

When you have finished working through this lesson, and feel that you have mastered the material, continue on to the test. When you have completed the test with a score of at least 80%, you will be directed to print out a copy of your earned certificate.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to ADA
History of the ADA 00:06:00
History of the ADA
ADA Quizlet 00:10:00
Section 1
Disability Categories 00:05:00
Other Medical Needs 00:05:00
ADA Website Accessibility Explained 00:03:00
Video explaining how to make a website accessible.
Section 1: Practice 00:15:00
Section 2
Expectations 00:02:00
Learning Disabilities 00:05:00
Students with Mental Health Concerns 00:03:00
Section 3
Multiple Disabilities 00:02:00
Mobility Concerns 00:03:00
Hearing Loss 00:05:00
American Sign Language Video 00:07:00
ASL video about interpreting music.
Questions? 00:02:00
ADA Compliance Final Exam 00:30:00

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  1. Awesome! I loved this course.


    Good information in a not so boring way of learning.

  2. Not a huge fan


    If anyone takes the time to read this, let me first say thank you. Thanks for making this course easy and cheap.

    Let me say this secondly now that I’ve buttered you up. The formatting of this course was annoying, often it seemed as if quiz content was being lifted from outside the source material provided, which may not be the case but I found this unnecessarily difficult to navigate.

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