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Courses from Haylo Education Solutions use a Learning Management System to deliver multi-media online courses for various professions including the Massage Therapy industry. The Learning Management System uses an online password protected system that allows students to self-enroll, pay for courses and upon completion, receive a certificate.

Haylo Education Solutions accepts all complaints as serious, and gives each complaint consideration it deserves. Complaints will be submitted in writing (either on the website or by email to hayloes.com), and will be considered and resolved within 30 days if at all possible. In all cases brought to the attention of authorized members of Hayloes, LLC, complainants will receive written answers regarding the resolution of the complaint.

     Grievances by contractors or employees will be submitted in writing (either on the website, by email to hayloes.com, or in person), and will be considered and resolved within 30 days if at all possible. In all cases brought to the attention of authorized members of Hayloes, LLC, grievances will receive written answers regarding the resolution of the grievance.

Haylo Education Solutions uses a password protected log in which students have access to change from a dashboard on the site. Personal and financial information is not accessible by the public. The payment system for courses uses the standard PayPal encryption to secure payments and all payment transactions are handled by that software. HayloES does not collect financial information and does not have access to credit card information as is the PayPal policy. Course materials, videos, exercises, drills and tests are behind the paywall and are only seen by enrolled students. Test results are determined by the software and customized certificates of completion are only released to students after completion of required content at a predetermined level. All Haylo Education Solutions records are backed up and hard copies of individual completions are kept in a locked file cabinet at the HayloES home office. These records are permanently stored. HayloES has maintained the security of records for 11 years and continues to maintain the security of student records, proprietary information and materials imparted during course delivery.

No student will be refused admission to any class he/she is eligible to enter. Certificates are based on assessed student knowledge criteria only.

Haylo Education Solutions, LLC, does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race, gender, religious preference, creed, or any other status formally recognized by the United States government.

No student will be refused admission to any class he/she is eligible to enter. Certificates of Completion are based on assessed student knowledge criteria only.

No eligible person’s work will be denied publication on the Haylo Education Solutions’, LLC, websites on any of the bases stated above.

Haylo Education Solutions, LLC endeavors to accommodate learning differences in all of its electronic  presentations. If a student is not able to use the materials as presented, he/she may request presentations or materials in a different form more suitable to his/her learning needs. Hayloes may request evidence of  a disability from a student in the form of a professional diagnostic battery and interpretation in order to provide appropriate alternatives.





 All Instructors at HayloES come from various fields and have a high level of expertise. Each instructor has their own section on the HayloES website where they demonstrate expertise of the learning objectives by either writing the learning objectives and the corresponding assessments or by passing the assessments and the final examination (these are proctored and kept securely in the database). Some instructors may demonstrate their teaching prowess in video format made available to the public as an introduction to the materials.
In addition, instructors can provide a biography, resume or CV for students to be able to have more information about the background of the instructor. Instructors from HayloES may have teaching credentials, experience in the industry or have published scholarly articles about the topic. Each type of course found on HayloES is supported by the most professional and experienced teachers in their respective industries.



Lorena Haynes [ Instructional Design ]



Judith Haynes . [ Adult Education ]



Howard Haynes [ Technology ]



Michael Haynes [ Gaming ]


Each and every student taking courses from Haylo Education Solutions is requested to complete a survey to determine overall satisfaction, quality, instructor satisfaction, course content and suggestions for improvement. In addition, courses where continuing education for license renewal is requested, all requirements for exit surveys to be delivered to an approval agency are met. The CE courses have a link to the survey site and students are encouraged to participate as a part of the course. These evaluations provide insight into future improvements to the courses and are used as part of the instructional design process.

At this time Haylo Education Solutions has no conflicts of interest or financial relationships with any other organization or business that sells other products or services to the massage therapy industry to disclose.

Instructors at Haylo Education Solutions have a dedicated page on the website that contains all of the biographical information of the instructor, which is linked to all courses taught by that instructor. Some instructors have included resumes and CV’s as well as biographical information. This information is located on the course information page on the website and by clicking on the instructor info tab; the biographical information is made available.

All copyrights and licensing permissions are displayed in course materials where they are relevant to the material, videos, and graphics that have been displayed. Haylo Education Solutions reserves the rights to all originally generated materials that have been created by Haylo Education Solutions.

All courses for which continuing education credit is requested are developed from learning objectives that meet established methods of instructional design. As a part of these learning objectives, each has a matching assessment component. Assessments of each learning objective in all continuing education courses are required for completion. Final assessment of all learning objectives comes in the form of a final exam that must be completed with a score of 70% or better to qualify for the completion certificate. Students are allowed to remediate all learning objective assessments and the final exam until compliance has been attained.

For courses that receive CE credit, students must enroll in the course, pay the fee, complete all sections of the course, meet all of the learning objectives by passing the assessments for each learning objective, pass a final exam with a score of 70% or higher and complete an exit survey before a certificate of completion is attained.

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